Preceding the popularity of the Las Vegas Strip, Fremont Street was the main destination for tourists and gamblers. Although many years have passed changes have occured, Fremont Street has been and always will be a significant part of Las Vegas and its history. The Fremont Street Experience of today differs greatly than that of yesterday. In the past, downtown Las Vegas was the main attraction of the city. Downtown provided tourists and residents alike with a variety of entertainment choices such as movie theaters, gambling halls, shopping malls and restaurants. Visitors and residents could get around easily by driving down the long stretch of road or riding the train.

Fremont Street was the place where they city of Las Vegas experienced many growths and developments. The city's first hotel, telephone, paved streets, gambling license, traffic lights and elevators all occurred here. One of the most notable firsts is the train depot. Before the construction of Union Plaza in the 1970s, visitors and residents entered and exited downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street through the train depot. In addition, the neon signs placed on store fronts and gambling halls attracted many persons. These lights helped downtown Las Vegas earn the nickname the Glitter Gulch. The Glitter Gulch attracted many tourists, gamblers, celebrities and movie producers who would use the neon lights as backdrops for productions that needed to display the vibrancy of Las Vegas. However, declining visits and the development of the strip, made an enhancement of Fremont Street necessary.

In the 1990s, a group of casinos and hotels grouped together to create a new Fremont Street Experience for the purpose of increasing tourism to the street. the current concept of the world's largest light show oalso known as Vivavision on a base of a canopy was designed by Architect Mary Kozlowski. Fremont street also includes other attractions such as the Neon Museum and the Fremont Street Gallery.

The Fremont street experience is an excellent place to experience both the old and new That las vegas has to offer. The Light show displays spectacular artistic displays of light in sync with music or a specific musical artist's music and design. Glitter Gulch, The Neon Museum, Union Plaza and the Gold Nugget are vintage reminders of Fremont Street's extravagant past.

Fremont Street Experience